Pre-Designing Phase

We prefer to be involved early in the realization of a Data Center and take the lead in the proses. The Pre-Designing phase starts with listening closely to our clients and mapping their needs. After that it is important to choose the right location.

To select a suitable location for your data center you have to take different factors into account. The first one is geographical location, susceptibility to natural disasters and the availability of energy.  The risk of a natural disaster happening in that area needs to be taken into consideration too. Data centers also require access to fast, reliable internet services to maximize their potential.

Outlining the financial scope is the next step in the pre-design phase. Building an entire data center from scratch requires a substantial financial investment. It is not about the construction costs only. You have to take into consideration the ongoing operational expenses. Accurate and detailed financial planning is essential for managing the total costs of building a Data Center.

The design must also comply with national and international industry standards like EN 50600. Compliance ensures that the data center meets the necessary requirements for reliability and scalability.

Designing & Constructing

Constructing a data center needs accurate planning, a experienced team for managing the project and the ability to solve problems on site.

In the design phase, a detailed design plan will be developed according to the goals and requirements of our clients. This phase concerns not only architectural design but also electrical and mechanical design.

During this phase, we’ll create a floor plan and we will be looking into the layout of the rooms, the rack structure, the cabling, power distribution and the cooling systems.

During the construction and implementation, the data center will be constructed following the detailed design. During the construction, the physical installation of equipment, cabling, network components and powering and cooling systems are included.

Key architectural considerations are structural load: Bearing the weight of IT equipment and energy systems and Space planning: optimizing layout for equipment, maintenance, and potential expansion.

Project management is a important part of building a data center. on site managers guide our clients through the entire proses. Experienced managers must oversee every aspect of the construction, choose the right material and keep everyone involved on schedule.

Aryo covers all the aspects named above and is able to meet every requirement the client needs.

Service & Monitoring

After construction you have to back test if everything is performing according the design specifications. Continuously monitoring ensures that everything is operating according plan.

Real-time analytics and environmental tracking is crucial and helps us to react quickly and adequately.

Key aspects of servicing are scheduled inspections to detect equipment failure at a early stage.

Teams working together and exchanging information enables you to detect problems and coordinate maintenances. Ongoing monitoring ensures the reliability and availability of your data center at all times.

Consultancy & Audit

Starting with an analysis of your existing or yet to realize Data Center we advise you on the optimization options and guide you through the process. As trusted data center advisors, we support clients to navigate the complexity of project planning and delivery for new build facilities and the upgrade or expansion of existing data infrastructure.

 Aryo is a Data Center consultant structured to provide support, expertise, and management to navigate through the entire life cycle of critical facilities.

We advice project partners across all construction stages, from site selection and evaluation through to testing, commissioning and completion. We have a deep understanding of the local markets in which it operates as well as the physical, technical and operational requirements of all types of data centers. Aryo has a team of experienced professionals with the right certifications and is familiar with all technical disciplines in the datacenter like electrical engineering, cooling, and emergency power supply and management.

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